The Ten Pillars

Telos is a Greek word referring to someone’s “ultimate potential.” To understand how we help others reach their potential, one should understand the Ten Pillars of Telos U. Imagine an ancient Greek building surrounded by huge white columns. Each pillar holds a load, all working together to support the structure. The Ten Pillars of Telos are the principles and practices we follow in helping our families reach their ultimate potential.

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Who do we help at Telos U?

Young people enrolling at Telos U may have some of the following goals

  • Transitioning from a therapeutic wilderness or other residential program
  • Finding a more defined passion or direction in life
  • Developing a deeper understanding of self and others
  • Desiring freedom from over-connection to digital media and entertainment
  • Overcoming excessive worry and self doubt
  • Moving beyond obstacles connected to pursuing an education

Family and friends of applicants may have observed

  • The student detaching from others
  • Self destructive thoughts and behaviors
  • Over-involvement in gaming, social media, or other digital activities
  • Reluctance to engage in social contact with family and friends
  • A lack of desire or skill related to pursuing life goals that lead to self-sufficiency and independence
  • Lifestyle choices that support depression and stagnation
  • Hostility or resentment toward attempts to encourage the applicant to develop more realistic or productive goals

Telos U does not accept applicants who are violent or aggressive, suicidal or likely to become so when exposed to pressure,have a history of sexual perpetration, or are heavily involved in substance use and drug culture