The goal is for every student at Telos U to experience employment of some kind while enrolled in the program. Our intern and externships throughout the community help students learn to apply, interview, and accomplish in the job market. Our therapists, advocates, advisors, and life coaches assist students in overcoming emotional and behavioral obstacles that may have hampered their ability to find or sustain employment in the past.


In addition to a personal therapist and academic advisor, every student at Telos U receives a Life Coach who is dedicated to his/her success. These caring staff are the “boots on the ground” that help students get to appointments, cook meals, and learn other practical independent living skills “in the field.” The Life Coach helps our students create daily purposeful action.


The team at Telos RTC has witnessed the power of physical fitness training transform the lives of young people for nearly two decades. Telos U students have access to a full indoor sports coliseum, a state of the art crossfit gym, a wrestling room, and a host of other fitness resources. Our staff connect students to fitness opportunities that fit their interest and skill level. Telos U can accommodate anything from longboarding to LARPing.


There is an exciting world beyond the digital existence many of us find ourselves trapped in. Utah is filled with mysterious slot canyons, beautiful mountains, and exciting activities that appeal to all interests. The Telos U activity specialists plan, organize and execute adventures for the students. The ultimate goal is to awaken the students to the community resources around them, helping them refine their ability to use leisure time productively.

Telos U does not accept applicants who are violent or aggressive, suicidal or likely to become so when exposed to pressure,have a history of sexual perpetration, or are heavily involved in substance use and drug culture