Those who know Telos understand the high standards we hold for our professionals. Telos U students benefit from a customized student plan that includes individual and group therapy, and can include:

  • Family therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Recreation therapy
  • Executive function coaching
  • Social skills coaching
  • Community based self help groups
  • A process addiction track for students overly dependent on technology or gaming

So much fun, you’ll forget it’s building skills

Within the first year of opening Telos U will be
pursuing the addition of an on-site space simulator

This simulator is designed to put a team of people through a fantasy space adventure. Participants find themselves executing various roles as the crew of a starship while battling aliens, rescuing castaways from distant planets, or problem solving how to divert enough energy from the engines to the defense shields. These simulations are fun, fast-paced, and exhausting. Telos U is interested in this service for two reasons:

  • The simulator becomes a very real “workout” for seven executive function skills. It also grows social, leadership, and team building skills.
  • Telos U students, as employees, can write missions, program simulations, and host space adventures for corporate and community groups


Part of the Telos philosophy is the importance of family. We believe no student who passes through our program will be successful upon returning home if they returns to the same system from which they came. This means the entire family must change for the better.

Family Days provides opportunities for parents and siblings to experience a small taste of what their student experiences every day at Telos U. Family Days are a required part of treatment.

A typical Family Days starts on a Monday and ends on a Tuesday. Families participate in support groups, trainings, face-to-face therapy, and other activities.

Telos U does not accept applicants who are violent or aggressive, suicidal or likely to become so when exposed to pressure,have a history of sexual perpetration, or are heavily involved in substance use and drug culture