Traditional College

The freedoms and responsibilities of college life can be overwhelming for young people. Telos U has developed a network of academic supports and resources designed to assist students with a variety of needs, whether that be learning differences, stress sensitivity, school related anxiety, executive function challenges, etc.

Telos U works closely with Utah Valley University, the largest University in Utah, to help students who may have struggled in other settings find success as they pursue educational goals. Additionally, Telos U partners with public and private vocational programs, community colleges, skills training courses, and independent learning resources designed to give our students variety as we develop a customized education plan.

Young men in need of completing their high school diploma may attend school at Telos Academy (with other HS students on our boys youth campus).


Some students will be more fitted to learning a skilled trade. Telos U works closely with Utah Valley University and other schools to help connect students to the right vocational programs and resources. The goal is for every student at Telos U to emerge from the program with a marketable skill that supports greater independence.



An attraction to technology can be an obstacle to growth. It can also be a tool that unlocks the door to a rewarding profession. Telos U has partnered with local teachers and programs that enable students to be trained in data analytics and other IT related roles. With the right student, this “weaknesses into strengths” approach can build a foundation for a dignified and lucrative profession.

Telos U does not accept applicants who are violent or aggressive, suicidal or likely to become so when exposed to pressure,have a history of sexual perpetration, or are heavily involved in substance use and drug culture