For young people close to turning 18, enrolling in a program can be a challenge.  They want to be around age appropriate peers, yet may not be ready for the lower structure and services of a young adult program.

A Telos Senior House apartment is a small, 8-bed team devoted specifically to students nearing 18.  The Senior House is higher in structure, oversight, and services (much like our youth RTC), but has programming and activities specially suited to an older teen.  Academics range between high school and early college.

A highlight of the Senior House is a student’s ability to transition to one of four lower levels of structure once they turn 18 (or sooner if ready).  The graphic below illustrates how the Senior House, our highest level of support on the Telos U campus, integrates into a natural progression of increasing freedom and responsibility.  The ability to eventually move from Senior House to Telos U helps emerging adults “buy in” to the overall process, giving them something to work toward as they reach 18.


Levels of Support

Clinical Services

The Senior House is distinctly different from our youth program.  These differences are purposeful, as the Senior House is designed around an older teen who may be eventually transitioning to a young adult apartment at Telos U.  The clinical services at the Senior House include:

  • Each student/family recieves a full time primary therapist
  • Weekly individual therapy sessions (minimum, 60 minutes)
  • Weekly family therapy sessions (minimum, 60 minutes)
  • Periodic Family Days which include live family therapy sessions, space missions, process groups and meetings with key team members
  • Bi weekly space center simulations focusing on team building, leadership, culture and executive function training
  • Masters level clinician-led emotional safety groups held twice each week
  • Nightly student-led, staff-supported community groups
  • Weekend activity therapy

Life Coach services are reserved for students enrolled in a Telos U apartment, as the key role of a Life Coach is to assist students in college classes, employment, and independent living skills.